Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS

Zayn Shares Another Poem And Some Acoustic Noodling For Your Enjoyment

Please don't bother him while he's jammin'

A day ago, Zayn's Instagram page began crawling with new creativity as he swapped out his usual endless stream of looks for a new poem zoem and even a taste of some new music.

The officialness of this melody is debatable — it could just be Zayn noodling in his spare time — but it's clear that he's been experimenting with songwriting lately, at least casually. Early Wednesday morning (January 31), he shared a new clip of him curled up playing a few chords on an acoustic guitar and singing gorgeously over top of them.

As he alternates between some folky chords, Zayn finds a soulful melody singing phrases like, "I see you every night / Always on my mind / Girl, take your time / I know you're mine." They pair nicely with the "song" he shared yesterday, where he also sang about a woman he appears to be enamored of (and who is likely named Gigi Hadid).

This video reminds me of the hours I spent after school with the $99 acoustic I ordered from Musician's Friend at 16, bum notes and all. For that reason, it's incredibly endearing. The difference, of course, is that Zayn is an absolute phenom of vocal abilities, and I am not.

It would make sense of the new bits of music are indicative of a new album on the way, as Zayn's debut, Mind of Mine, was released almost two years ago. But if they're merely just the brief musical dalliances of a 25-year-old on social media, at least they're being paired with these new poems zoems every morning now. Might as well keep 'em coming, Z.