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Hey Jonas Brothers, What Are You Guys Talkin' About In This New Photo?


Considering that they're, y'know, related and all, and genuinely enjoy each other's company, the Jonas Brothers tend to pop up all over their respective social media feeds on a regular basis — but this latest snapshot deserves its own spotlight.

Joe Jonas posted a candid pic of the three brothers hanging out in some hidden corner, and the shot is so casual and great that it wouldn't look half bad on the front of a new Jonas Brothers record should those impromptu nostalgia jams ever lead to the writing of new material.

So, whatcha talkin' 'bout, dudes? Maybe Nick's new foray into fashion with his John Varvatos collaboration? Perhaps a check-in on how Joe's wedding planning is going, or a recap of Kevin's daughter's birthday party? Or was the focus of the conversation on those reunion rumors?

Whatever it was, this backstage glimpse of JoBro life was a welcome reminder that their fans are eager for an official musical reunion — and the want it now.