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Daniel Radcliffe Is A Drug Mule In The First Trailer For Beast Of Burden

He must side with either the cartel or the DEA

For his latest role, Daniel Radcliffe can fly — but this time he's steering a drug-carrying airplane and not hopping on his Nimbus 2000 for a Quidditch match.

In the upcoming thriller Beast of Burden, Radcliffe plays Sean Haggerty, a pilot caught between the Drug Enforcement Administration and the cartel.

In exchange for treatment for his sick wife (played by Grace Gummer), Sean must bring the DEA to his drug lord bosses by completing a cocaine delivery across the U.S.-Mexican border.

"Something feels off about this right now," Sean says, as he settles into the cockpit of his tiny plane.

Needless to say, Sean's hunch is correct. The cartel seems to know something is up and throws a series of challenges his way, including a last-minute drug drop location change, all too frequent check-ins, and — worst of all — holding Sean's wife hostage. The pilot has one hour to figure out whose side he’s on, and he must do so as he gets closer and closer to his destination.

What will he do when "everything is on the line"? We'll have to wait until Friday, February 23, to find out, when Beast of Burden is released in select theaters and On Demand.