Fall Out Boy Unleash Mayhem With Their Own Infomercial Music Video

'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)' is full of easter eggs for hardcore fans

With just days to go before their new album arrives, Fall Out Boy has surprised fans with yet another new song and its accompanying, very silly video.

“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” is standard FOB fare, complete with arena-ready “whoa-oh-whoa’s” and melodramatic lyrics like “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” In the video, the band sells off old memorabilia on their own QVC-style infomercial video. There’s the severed hand from FOB’s “The Phoenix” video, Patrick Stump’s suit from “Dance Dance,” and a handful of other, weirder items like a bass sword, dancing llamas, and “holy miracle water.”

The best part is, the band itself is even up for sale. The “Fall Out Boys,” billed as “the ultimate party gift,” will only set you back $999,999.99 (plus shipping and handling). What a deal.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the phone number that appears in the video is in fact a real, working number. Calling it will direct you to an automated voice messaging system that allows you to preorder the album or hear a goofy joke.

Fall Out Boy’s seventh studio album, M A N I A, arrives on January 19. For more on the band’s upcoming music, check out their new interview with MTV News below.