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Nicolas Cage Tries To Murder His Children In Hilarious First Mom And Dad Trailer

Every parent has a breaking point

Things I didn't know I needed today: Nicolas Cage singing the Hokey Pokey while wielding a sledgehammer and terrorizing his young son. No, this wasn't one of my many weird, demented dreams; it's an actual premise for a movie starring Cage and Selma Blair.

In Mom and Dad, written and directed by Brian Taylor, Cage and Blair are parents in an quiet suburban town going through the motions of their ordinary, everyday lives with their two kids, Carly (Anne Winters) and Josh (Zackary Arthur). But when parents across the town suddenly snap and start violently turning against their children in an attempt to straight-up murder them, Carly and Josh have to band together to survive a wild 24 hours with their unhinged, bloodthirsty mom and dad. Hence Cage singing the Hokey Pokey while swinging a sledgehammer at his son.

Watch the first trailer for the demented, kid-killing thriller below and just try to contain your excitement for the off-the-wall moment when Cage goes full Cage with an electric saw.

Yeah, this movie looks delightfully insane, and I need it to make a billion dollars at the box office.

Check out Mom and Dad in theaters and on VOD on January 19, 2018.