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Venom Producer: Tom Hardy 'Pushes' The Spider-Man Villain To An Unexpected Place

Producer Matthew Tolmach tells MTV News about Hardy's challenging, 'crazy integrity' on set

It was hardly a surprise when Sony announced a standalone Venom movie. The Spider-Man villain is by far Peter Parker's most infamous and beloved adversary. The menacing alien symbiote has bonded with a variety of hosts throughout its Marvel Comics run, but none have made as much of an impact as disgraced reporter and conflicted soul Eddie Brock. Now, actor Tom Hardy will step into Brock's sticky biomass in director Ruben Fleischer's big-screen spin on Venom.

While Fleischer hasn't revealed much about the film, it has been reported that it won't feature a key character from the comics: Spider-Man. With Tom Holland's Peter Parker slinging webs over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Venom firmly wreaking havoc in the Sony/Spidey universe, there seemingly won't be a connection between the two.

When MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz caught up with Venom producer Matthew Tolmach at the red carpet premiere of Jumanji, he confirmed as much, saying, "We are making a Venom movie."

As for what Hardy brings to the shadowy role of Venom, Tolmach said that even he was surprised by where the actor takes the character, adding that Hardy "pushes it to a place us mere mortals would never expect it to go."

"Eddie Brock is an incredible character — gritty, real, authentic, funny, but also an embittered character and a truth-teller who has made mistakes," he said. "Tom... it's like a masterclass watching him act every day. He's such a risk-taker."

Hardy has a tendency to elevate the material he's handed, from his subtle, brutally affecting work in Mad Max: Fury Road to his masterful descent into complete chaos as nihilistic Batman supervillain Bane. According to Tolmach, Hardy is bringing that same intensity to Venom. "He has crazy integrity about it, so he challenges everything we're doing in the most brilliant way," he said.

"The love that the fans have for that character is profound," he concluded. "And he shares it."

Venom is currently scheduled to hit theaters October 5, 2018.