Did Catfish Tyler Sabotage A Possible Relationship With Alyssa?

He swore that 12 fake profiles weren't created by him -- but they were

Catfish offenders more often than not come clean about their sins when all is said and done. But during tonight's episode, Tyler's insistence that he did not do something that he definitely did could have cost him a relationship with Alyssa. So did he self-sabotage, or was a future with his love hopeful unlikely from the start?

But first, the story: Alyssa told Nev and Max that she had met Tyler on Mocospace, a social media website with open chat rooms. The aspiring nurse declared that she had never had someone like Tyler in her life, and she gushed about loving him. But, of course, they never met in person.

While the detectives initially suspected that Alyssa's friend Mary was responsible for the Tyler profile (Mary encouraged Alyssa to join Mocospace, and the photos in the profile got a bunch of hits on Google with the search "hot teenage boy abs"), the duo was able to squash that theory pretty quickly. Nev and Max matched Tyler's phone number with a profile on Facebook (with the name Tyler) and were pretty positive they found their young man.

But the biggest bombshell came courtesy of Nev's wife Laura. Laura asked if Nev had searched Tyler's number on Mocospace -- and when he did, 12 profiles came up connected to Tyler's digits.

"So he's using different guys with different abs -- it's weird," Max observed. (Ya think?)

In the end, Tyler was the Tyler the sleuths found on Facebook, and he said that almost everything he told Alyssa was true (except for the images). But there was still an elephant in the park room: The multiple Mocospace accounts.

"I honestly have no clue about the other profiles -- I really don't," Tyler stressed. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you."

Alyssa didn't believe Tyler's tale about the profiles -- and neither did the guys. And even though the trio gave Tyler multiple opportunities to be honest, he insisted that they did not belong to him (even swearing on his mother's life). Nev even asked Alyssa if she would date him if he confessed that the profiles were his, and she nodded yes.

Buuuuuuuuut Tyler continued to deny the profile sitch and hindered any shot he may have had with Alyssa at the post-sit down. But he couldn't keep up the profile charade forever: Tyler finally confirmed everything we already knew during the two-month catch-up. So why the big song and dance?

"I really never used those profiles -- I only went on there to play games and things like that," Tyler said during a group video chat with Alyssa. "I shouldn't have lied. I was really afraid, and I just really wanted you to like me."

While Tyler was apologetic, it was definitely too little too late for Alyssa, and she stated she was trying to move forward with her life. But could she and Tyler have explored a romance outside of the series had he been honest? Or was the deceit too great, even before the profiles admission? Take our poll below, share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c.