Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Tyler, The Creator's Tiny Desk Concert Was Lit Like A Golf Wang Christmas Tree

Flower boy, NPR boy

Tyler, the Creator didn't come to my office this morning, which is sad and hurtful. However, he did stop by NPR to perform "Boredom," "See You Again," and "Glitter" from his Grammy-nominated album Flower Boy. Tyler's banter throughout the performance was as entertaining as the songs.

"Excuse my voice. I can't sing," said Tyler at one point. "But I don't fucking care, because it feels good. Like a warm shower."

What also felt like a "warm shower" was the lighting. According to NPR, Tyler's request to perform at night and handle the lighting was a first for the series. Traditionally, Tiny Desk Concerts are performed in the morning, but Tyler wanted to set a different mood. The fuchsia and blue lighting that covers Tyler was set up by his crew the day before and basks the singer in a mellow glow perfectly fitting for the laid-back nature of his album.

The performance is a perfect encapsulation of why Tyler is nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2018 Grammys. The rapper that made 2009's Bastard transformed the rage of his prior work into an understated world of bright chords and bumblebee imagery on his fourth studio album.