G-Eazy And Charlie Puth's New Song Is A Hangover Waiting To Happen

'Sober' is anything but sober

Please enjoy G-Eazy and Charlie Puth's new collaboration responsibly. "Sober," despite its title, is basically an ode to alcohol, with lyrics about taking shots like Kobe Bryant. Let's hope they remember to drink some water in between all that liquid courage.

G-Eazy's rap verses blend perfectly with Puth's smooth vocals, which carry the chorus. In an interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson, the rapper called Puth an "angel or spirit talking to [him]" as he confronts the decisions he's made under the influence.

"I try to illustrate both sides, you know what I mean?" G-Eazy explained. "There's definitely the fun side of going out and partying. I'm out all the time. But then there's also that reality of — I try to paint the picture of the other side, living with that [feeling], what did I do last night? But it's all about finding that medium, and I think that's ultimately [the meaning of] The Beautiful & Damned, is to not end up way out there, and to keep yourself in check and try to find that balance, find moderation, or whatever."

The Beautiful & Damned, G-Eazy's third album, arrives December 15 and features collabs with Cardi B, Halsey, and more. With a whopping 20 tracks, there's something for everyone to appreciate. Hear more about the album's conception in the video below.