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Watch Betty’s Sultry ‘Mad World’ Striptease In Our Riverdale Exclusive Clip

Dark Betty comes out to play

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Riverdale is an actual show or the result of a glorious fever dream. And with an episode as mad as tonight’s "House of the Devil," it's especially hard, thanks in part to Betty Cooper’s very public striptease to a haunting cover of "Mad World" at the Whyte Wyrm.

What starts as a somber duet of "that Donnie Darko song" between Archie and Veronica at JP's retirement party turns into a sultry performance from Betty, who not only takes the reins on the vocals but also performs a seductive dance in an effort to enter Jughead’s southside world and become "Serpent adjacent." Alice Cooper, you might want to close your eyes — Dark Betty has come out to play.

MTV News is exclusively premiering the full-length clip of Lili Reinhart’s can’t-miss performance of Tears For Fears' "Mad World," which you can watch below:

Unfortunately for Betty, her Serpent dance only ended up pushing Jughead further away. Jughead tells Betty he doesn't want to drag her down like he'd just done to his father, who made a last-minute decision to not retire from the Serpents in order to take on Jug's debt to Penny Peabody.

Wait. Does this mean Bughead is officially over?! It's a very, very mad world indeed.