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Kyle Heartbreakingly Responds To Losing His Childhood Home In The California Fires

'My neighborhood is in ashes'

Since Monday night (December 4), massive brush fires have been raging in California, burning over 50,000 acres and forcing more than 27,000 residents to evacuate. As the fire blew through the city of Ventura, it quite literally struck close to home for Kyle.

The “iSpy” rapper posted photos of the wreckage on Instagram, revealing that the fire had burned down his childhood home.

“Just saw the house I grew up in in ashes,” he wrote. “This is so hard to watch. Such a beautiful city with so many amazing people whose lives have been devastated by this fire. My neighborhood is in ashes; all of my old neighbors and so many more have lost everything. The Ventura county fire department has been working incredibly hard to save the city, but we still have a long fight ahead of us and we all will need to step up and lend a hand to someone in need.”

He continued, “I’ll be reaching out to a lot of people today for help, to do whatever we can to rebuild the homes and lives of everyone affected. Please pray for my city and everyone in it. I can’t believe this.”

Kyle continued reflecting on the devastating fire by calling into Ebro Darden’s show on Beats 1 Radio. He told Darden that he found out about his childhood home only after he saw it burning on the news.

He said, “It’s a disaster. This is huge. This is probably as bad as a wildfire can get so far. The city of Ventura has got a population of about 100,000 and so far, and over 27,000 people have evacuated. It’s literally affecting almost every single person right now. Hundreds and hundreds of homes are lost.”

The rapper asked on Instagram and on Twitter that people donate by texting UWVC to 41444, noting that “100% of donations go directly to those affected by the fire.”