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Sparks Fly Between Ansel Elgort And Chloë Grace Moretz In Our November Criminals Sneak Peek

We're all in for Team #Phoebison

Consider them the new YA dream team. Chloë Grace Moretz and Ansel Elgort star side-by-side in November Criminals, and MTV News has an exclusive sneak peek at the magic that happened when the two joined forces.

Based on the novel by Sam Munson, November Criminals is the story about two high school seniors Addison (Elgort) and Phoebe (Moretz), longtime "just friends" who push their college prep aside and risk their lives to investigate the mysterious murder of their classmate, Kevin (Jared Kemp).

In the exclusive clip above, Addison and Phoebe share a tender moment alone, ahead of the impending anguish and drama that comes with solving the murder case of your close friend.

Tapping into those feelings anyone who's ever fallen for their best friend has felt, Addison wonders whether his prominence in Phoebe's life may have "a detrimental effect" on her popularity and worries that his best friend/crush sees him as "sexually neutral, from the Latin, 'neuter,' as in, without testicles." He boldly makes it clear that he is definitely interested in more with Phoebe.

And playing out the fantasy of best friends-turned-lovers everywhere, with minimal hesitation Phoebe replies, "That's OK." Then, she turns it up a notch, expressing that she's made the big decision that she doesn't want to go off to college without, "you know," doing it.

Thus begins a love story that will develop — or not — during the course of the thriller.

November Criminals will open in select cities on Friday, December 8.