Fans React To Jackson's New Role As Daddy

MTV NEWS: Singer Michael Jackson became a father on Thursday morning, when his wife of 4 months, Debbie Rowe, gave birth to a son at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Veteran Jackson confidante Elizabeth Taylor was quickly recruited to be the baby's godmother, "I'm totally excited," she said, but reaction on the street in L.A. was tinged with a certain concern.

JOHN NORRIS: What do you think the first words this baby might learn?

FAN 1: Wahoo!

NORRIS: Your reaction to Michael becoming a dad.

FAN 2: Congratulations Michael!

FAN 3: I couldn't see him as a father. I can't see him as my type of person to be a father.

FAN 1: And then when the baby gets ready to walk Michael's gonna say "no sweetie, you gotta go this way.


NORRIS: Did you hear what we were talking about?

FAN 4: Yeah, you're talking about the King of Pop.

NORRIS: Having a Prince of Pop.

FAN 4: It's great I'm happy for him. He's a cool guy. I think he'll make a wonderful dad. He has experience with kids, performing with them and everything.

FAN 2: He's not a father figure. I want a manly type. I want to look at dad and say 'let's go play baseball.' I don't want to look at my dad and say 'let's go put on some tights.'

NORRIS: Do you think this kid's got any chance of having a normal life?

FAN 2: If he says away from LaToya, yeah. He should be okay.

WOMAN: He should pass on his name. I think so. Maybe he'll become a singer like him.

FAN 1: I'm curious to see how they're gong to dress this baby...

NORRIS: What do you see the baby clothes being like? A lot of gold and silver and buckles?

FAN 1: Not necessarily a lot of buckles but definitely a lot of flair. I want to see how they do the baby's hair. How they take the baby out in public. What kind of toys they buy for the baby. I think this is going to be one of

the most interesting babies in the world.

MTV NEWS: There is, of course, still a case of child-molesting charges against Michael Jackson, still open in the Santa Barbara, California District Attorney's office, the charges were filed 4 years ago, by a teenager who'd slept over at Jackson's house. The case never came to trial because Jackson paid millions of dollars to have it settled out of court. However, it's still officially listed as open.

At any rate, Jackson put out a statement on Friday, saying, "Words can't describe how I feel, I have been blessed beyond comprehension, and I will work tirelessly at being the best father that I can possibly be. I appreciate that my fans are elated," he said, "but I hope that everyone respects the privacy that Debbie and I want and need for our son. I grew up in a fishbowl," Jackson observed, "and I will not allow that to happen to my child. Please respect our wishes and give my son his privacy.

Another new-born

of note was brought forth in Los Angeles on Monday, by Julie Cypher, the girlfriend of singer Melissa Etheridge. It's a baby girl, father un-noted, and the two women have named her "Bailey Jean.

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