Is Sam Smith Finding Fashion Inspiration In Harry Styles's Closet?

Smith revives your childhood ballerina dreams in 'One Last Song'

After singing about being too good at goodbyes, it's fitting that Sam Smith's next single off The Thrill of It All is "One Last Song," a final farewell to an "old love of [his]." The music video, released Wednesday (November 29), features a plethora of talented ballerinas and a scenic rooftop view no filter can compete with.

But the real star of the video — besides Smith's killer voice, of course — is his dapper velvet suit that could be taking a card from Harry Styles's closet. Styles is known for rocking elaborate suits with colorful patterns and intricate stitching on tour, but Smith's version is far more, ahem, suitable for everyday wear.

Still, Smith and his casual suiting stands out next to all the dance leotards and ballerina costumes. Unfortunately, Smith doesn't bust out any of his own moves, but the video's grand rooftop finale in London, his birthplace, certainly makes up for that. You can see the famous London Eye ferris wheel, along with Big Ben and The Palace of Westminster. Talk about going home in style.