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Tyler, The Creator Has Two Words To Say About His Grammy Nom

And Khalid reflects back on a Grammys tweet from 2014

The 2018 Grammy nominations were announced on Tuesday morning (November 28), and just as it is every year, the nominees spent the next few hours taking to social media to proclaim their thanks and, in some cases, complete and utter surprise at being considered.

Now, some of this is expected. It's a big deal to land a Grammy nom! And it's cool as hell, so the nominees should definitely be celebrating. The range of celebrations, however, is what varies. When Khalid, for example, digs up a tweet of his from three years ago wishing to go to the Grammys one day and then says, "Wow. I did it," that's hilarious. And perfect.

And when the artists' teams slap together a pretty, official-looking, Grammys-branded promotional photo (see below for a bunch), that's a little less hilarious and a little more expected. But it's still cool! Because it's the Grammys, man.

See the best of the reactions below, broken down into four helpful categories — and check out the list of nominees right here.

The Gracious And Tidy

The Hilariously Unexpected

The Brilliantly Understated

The Legendary