TJ Lavin Throws A Major Challenge Finale Twist On Dirty Thirty Conclusion

What the what?

The final six Challenge competitors have crossed the finish line and the race is complete. But which man and woman are the big winners, thus earning $450,000 each? Thanks to TJ Lavin, we have no idea.

On tonight's big finale, Jordan, Derrick and CT continued to battle through Argentinian ruins (and among a pack of feral dogs) to claim first place on the men’s side, while Cara Maria, Camila and Tori — the only remaining rookie — fought for distinction as the game’s baddest woman.

Jordan and Camila crushed the first leg’s challenge — “The Donation” — in which two-person teams had to deliver 30 heavy rocks to a designated area, but Derrick and Cara Maria weren’t far behind. And even though CT and Tori finished last, they weren’t deterred from making up time elsewhere in the race.

“It’s a rough start,” Tori said. “We’re all exhausted, we just jumped out of an airplane. This s--- is no f------ joke. Welcome to the f------ ‘Challenge!’”

And the next task, “Bola on Over,” proved Tori’s thesis. The game challenged the group — again, in teams of two — to each successfully toss the eponymous Incan weapon so that it wrapped around a designated target. If they missed, they’d each have to take a shot of fermented llama’s milk. And while the previous leg’s winners Jordan and Camila decided to give CT and Tori a handicap (they’d have to hit the target twice), Tori and CT were first to strike and, ultimately, the second to advance. Jordan and Camila moved on first, while Cara Maria and Derrick finished third.

“Jordan and Camila totally smoked us in this competition,” Derrick admitted.

Still, as the pace of the game changed, so, too, did the front-runners. In “One Track Mind,” a puzzle that challenged players to race up a steep incline to collect puzzle pieces, Jordan felt his knees — injured from the freefall — begin to buckle. But he pushed ahead, and as the group ran a sprawling distance to the next stage of the game, fatigue began to set in. Cara Maria and Derrick managed a brief lead, but CT and Camila — the last to arrive at the puzzle — were conversely the first to complete it. Jordan and Tori finished close behind and Derrick, who admitted to being an impediment to puzzle-success, finished in last alongside Cara. Still, Cara vowed to keep pushing.

“For me, it’s just always been about the win; I just want the win, I just want the title,” she said. “But now, that amount of money, I’d be able to build my gym that I’ve been wanting to build.”

Unfortunately for Derrick, there were more puzzles to come, and after a brief Double-Crossing ceremony (Tori and CT ultimately handed penalties to Camila and Jordan, respectively), the group raced up the face of a mountain — at one point, the ascent was completely vertical — before individually assembling one of six totem poles. Jordan, the clear leader, finished first on the guys’ side while Cara Maria took top honors for the ladies.

For Camila, who’d started off the race on the tear, things would just go from bad to worse. In the game’s next leg, which found the groups again working in pairs, Camila lashed out at Derrick and accused him of holding her back. The mission challenged players to break into a smoke-filled house, make sense of a series of letters and then, after escaping, jot down a corresponding word onto a chalkboard. Jordan and Tori destroyed the game, while Cara Maria and CT didn’t finish far behind. And having swallowed a third place finish, The Camilinator finally lashed out.

“You did nothing!” she spat at Derrick, and chided him for accusing her of being easily riled up. “Do what you’re supposed to do!...I’m sick of people saying I get pissed off.”

Finally, after a night of sleep (again, things didn’t work out in Camila’s favor — thanks to another round of handicaps, she and Derrick were forced to catch Zs in the cold under the stars), the gang approached the game’s end. At 14,000 feet, “Going Out With a Bang” challenged the six finalists to ride behind a truck that would tow them each across a salt flat. When the ride ended, they’d race to a final flag that would stop their respective times.

“I feel like I’m a stuntman in a movie,” CT said as he glided across what looked like compacted snow. “Something out of Mad Max…[but] we are so high up right now, it makes it hard to breathe.”

But when all was said and done, it was something else that left the group breathless: A message from TJ informed the Final Six that they wouldn’t learn who’d won the race until much later, sending down the sweet taste of victory with a bitter chaser.

“You didn’t think winning this much money would be this easy, did you?” TJ said via video, drawing incredulous cries from the group.

“I think something big is about to happen,” Tori said, who suggested maybe the winners would be determined by votes from eliminated players. “If I’m not part of the most insane experiment in the entire world, then I don’t know what this is anymore.”

CT more simply observed “TJ’s definitely the dirtiest player in this game.”

So, what do you make of the twist ending, and who do you think has got Dirty Thirty all tied up? Which two players will wind up filthy rich? Share your thoughts, and see what TJ’s got up his sleeve next Tuesday on the reunion at 10/9c!