These All That Alums Are Going Back To The 90's

Kel Mitchell and Lori Beth Denberg are about to make their mark on '90's House'

Get ready to satisfy that craving for a "Good Burger" and some "Vital Information."

In a sneak peek of this week's 90's House, All That alums Kel Mitchell and Lori Beth Denberg return to the decade that launched them into the spotlight. Anyone else humming "Oh, oh, oh This is All That, This is All That"?

"We are hype!" Devin exclaims in the video clip above after seeing the two comedians in the flesh. Can't blame him for that reaction.

So what challenge awaits the MTV crew? And how will the Nickelodeon veterans be aiding the remaining contestants? Watch the video to find out, and don't miss a brand-new 90's House tonight at 8/7c on MTV2. And because we posted a retro throwback from the lovable fast food-based sketch, here's a snippet from the All That version of SNL's "Weekend Update":