'Surrender Or Die': The Shannara Chronicles Is About To Return

The new season premieres tonight on Spike

Welcome back to The Four Lands.

The Shannara Chronicles will return tonight on Spike -- and as expected, Wil Ohmsford and company will continue to face evil. And we thought defeating the Dagda Mor was tricky.

So what can fans expect during Season 2? The new installment will once again show chaos in the fictional world, now ruled over by King Ander. But that's only the beginning: A re-emergence of magic has citizens terrified, and an organization called The Crimson is hunting down those practicing sorcery and using fear (plus some good old-fashioned intimidation) to plant discord among the races.

And where are some of our favorites, like Eretria?

"No more running, we're going to fight, the fierce rover states in the clip above. She's back!

Watch the unbelievable action unfold in the video below, and be sure to watch The Shannara Chronicles tonight on Spike at 10/9c!