Everything In Lil Yachty’s New Video Is Yellow (Except His Hair)

'Lady in Yellow' will have you seeing sunshine ☀️

After looking for love on a deserted island for “Better,” Lil Yachty is back and more imaginative than ever in his vibrant “Lady In Yellow” video.

The Teenage Emotions rapper took the song’s title to epic proportions, dreaming up a world where everything is yellow. We open in a rainbow-painted kitchen, and from there, it’s three minutes of banana-colored bliss, as Yachty pulls up in — what else? — a yellow taxi. He bounces on a yellow trampoline, snuggles up with yellow-clad women, and dramatically stands in the rain while a woman circles him on a bicycle. I’ll give you one chance to guess what color the bike is.

Basically, this is the yellowest hip-hop video since Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade,” and the only things that aren’t sunshine-colored are Yachty’s signature red braids. Of course.

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