Joseph Kahn/YouTube

Maroon 5 And SZA's New Music Video Is The Weirdest Thing You'll See All Week

The Joseph Kahn-directed clip is, well, it's really something

A little under a month ago, we first heard the collaboration between Maroon 5 and SZA, called "What Lovers Do." It's about sex and decidedly not about jet skiing, nor about Adam Levine turning into a King Kong-sized monster and attacking the Las Vegas strip. But that didn't stop the parties involved from making a music video devoted to those very activities.

To be fair, they also run through a digital forest straight out of Avatar (the movie), dive underwater for some hidden fun, and run in what appears to be the Olympics. But that's not even the most notable part — as the video begins, the lyrics are first sung not by either of the actual performers, but by a CGI deer. Who then passes it off to an animated sunflower.

Eventually, Adam Levine and SZA do take over. But honestly, at that point, the general WTF-ness of the video has come on extremely strong. And there's still three minutes left.

Part of me thinks this video is so wild that I'm inclined to put it away forever. And yet another part of me is stoked that big-budget bombast is still around and that not everything is just a lyric video anymore. (This one is directed by Joseph Kahn, of course, who also helmed Taylor Swift's blockbuster "Bad Blood" and "Look What You Made Me Do" visuals.)

Watch the clip above and decide for yourself.