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Lorde Blows Shit Up On Her ‘Homemade Dynamite’ Remix With Khalid, SZA, Post Malone

'Unbuckle for the ride'

Leave it to our Lorde and savior to wrangle up three of today’s brightest stars for a “Homemade Dynamite” remix that rattles and bangs in all the right ways.

There’s always this anxiousness that comes with listening to a remix of a song you already love. What’s going to be different? When are the featured artists going to show up? Will I still like it as much as I did before? In the case of “Homemade Dynamite,” Lorde keeps her original first verse firmly in tact, then lets Khalid, SZA, and Post Malone lend their own explosive touches.

Khalid’s up to bat first, hazily imploring his buds to “unbuckle for the ride,” and SZA comes swaggering in next, assuring/warning, “I checked your girl at the door / I sent your friend to the store / It’s only me and you.” Finally, Post Malone delivers a truly “awesome” verse, and all four artists come together for a harmony-heavy climax. Now this is how you do a remix.

“Homemade Dynamite” is the latest single from Lorde’s stellar sophomore album, Melodrama. Revisit her jaw-dropping performance of the song (sans her new friends) from this year’s VMAs.