Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

What Ariana Grande Does 60 Seconds Before She Steps Onstage

Backstage clips give fans a glimpse into the 'Dangerous Woman' tour

Ariana Grande is just about to close the curtain on her Dangerous Woman tour, but what happens behind the curtain? As the number of shows dwindles, Grande has been revealing some of the backstage shenanigans that go down before she takes the stage every night.

Caught on film by friend Alfredo Flores, Grande can be seen running around backstage in Australian arenas. She huddles with her dancers and recreates Mean Girls scenes with choreographers Scott and Brian Nicholson.

You can hear the screams get louder as the countdown clock ticks down, and eventually the opening xylophonic notes of "Be Alright" have fans going wild. Take a look:

With lots of time to shake off nerves and dance around backstage, you can clearly tell Grande has been doing this for a while. The Dangerous Woman tour launched on February 3, and wraps up September 21 in Hong Kong. In May, the tour was hit with tragedy in Manchester, U.K., when a terrorist targeted the exit of her show. After the deadly attack, Grande held a benefit concert for the victims and their families. When her tour concludes, she'll also be a part of Dave Matthews Band's A Concert for Charlottesville on September 24.

It's been a long ride for Ari and the crew, and these videos capture the essence of night: the love and carefree joy of music.

"My band, my crew, my dancers. you are my second family," Grande wrote on Instagram. "I will never take these friendships for granted. it's an honor to be on stage with you and to have you in my life. I love youuuu. soooo fuckin much."

"This has been a very long road," she continued, "but our exhaustion is certainly outweighed by our gratitude."