Lana Del Rey's 'White Mustang' Video Is A Romantic, Futuristic Car Chase

She cruises through one spacey-lookin' L.A.

If you were curious as to whether or not muscle cars would be the vehicles of choice for L.A.'s rock 'n' roll romantics of the future, Lana Del Rey is here to assure you that, yes, that's very much so the deal.

"White Mustang" sees Lana surveying a spacey as hell City of Angels from a perch in, presumably, the Hollywood Hills she loves so dear. The track off Lust For Life is extremely relatable, in that she sings of a summer love that cools as fall approaches — she just happened to fall in love with a musician (which, hey, happens to the best of us), and she finds herself competing with his muses for his attention.

She slinks through a party full of her rocker's admirers before driving off into the night at the end of her favorite season. The object of her affection follows her, and the two share a sultry slow-dance on some forgotten stretch of highway. A rocket takes off in the background, and we're left with Lana cruising, just as neon-splashed in the L.A. of her future as she is in the present.

Mustangs, apparently, are like fine wine: They only get better with age. "White Mustang" does with every listen, too.