Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Nick Jonas Gets Hot For New Song 'Find You.' No, Seriously, He's In The Desert.

Sand. Everywhere.

Nick Jonas hasn't been skimping on the new music. Earlier this summer, he released "Remember I Told You" with Anne-Marie and Mike Posner, and on Tuesday, he announced that he has another project on the way. "Find You" will be released on Thursday, and it looks bigger than ever.

With a slew of Instagram photos, Jonas unveiled the new song with the vague caption "FIND YOU - 9/14/17." Damn! That's in two days.

The pics show Jonas wandering the desert in a crisp white T-shirt and rustically worn-in jeans. He's perfectly accessorized, as usual.

So, with "Find You" making its way to our ear holes in two days, it begs the question... find who? And how is he going to find them in the desert? Is this some sort of Holes situation? Is he looking for Stanley Yelnats? I'm burnin' up with questions here!