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Dylan O'Brien Says Life Without Teen Wolf Is Going To Be 'Weird'

The actor reflects on the end of 'Teen Wolf' with MTV News

This month marks the end of an era for the fans of MTV's Teen Wolf, but for franchise star Dylan O'Brien it's even more bittersweet. It's the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Teen Wolf was O'Brien's first steady acting gig, and over the course of the show, fan-favorite Stiles Stilinski has left his indelible mark on Beacon Hills — and on the young actor who portrayed him for six seasons.

"I know no acting without the show," O'Brien told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz while promoting his latest film American Assassin in New York City this month. "It's going to be such a new chapter," he said of the seminal supernatural show's series finale, airing September 24.

"I'll miss it dearly, always," he added. "It's going to be weird. This is the first time I'm operating without that show to go back to, as a little home." 

At least O'Brien got to say a proper goodbye to the show that started it all when he returned to Beacon Hills for a few episodes before the series end. Did you really think Scott was going to defeat Gerard and save his pack without his best friend and everyone's favorite FBI trainee Stiles by his side?

Catch two new episodes of Teen Wolf on Sunday at 8/7c on MTV.