All The Feels: Here's Every Emotion We Experienced During The Teen Wolf Series Finale

Thanks for everything, Scott & Co. -- it was quite a ride

We've never felt such a wide range of emotions as we did during tonight's Teen Wolf series finale. (You know, except for when this happened.)

While we've had adequate time to process the shuttering of a show we've grown to love over the course of six years, nothing prepared us for The Actual End. The only thing we were certain of was that it would be emotional... like, really emotional. The up-and-down kind where you feel all of the feels, such as:

  • Excitement

    YAHOO -- the Scott McCall band is back together! We've never been so happy to see a blue Jeep by the name of Roscoe.

  • Grief

    Deucalion's final words before he died were especially moving. (And to think, we once thought the Duke was the enemy.)

  • Anger

    We knew the old man was evil, but this? Gramps is downright cruel, what with his torturous, conniving nature.

  • Nostalgia

    We'd be lying if we said we didn't miss the ever-witty banter between these two. Their conflicting stories about Derek's FBI evasion made us LOLZ.

  • Love

    Corey and Mason's mutual declaration of love is everything.

  • Surprise

    Oh, how we've missed you, Jackson Whittemore! We admit it -- we were a bit taken aback when you whipped out your tail in some impressive kanima-hunter chokehold. And then we cheered.

  • Fear

    When Scott got shot with a deadly bullet of yellow wolfsbane, we've never been more scared for his life... counting that time when the true alpha was borderline suicidal.

  • Admiration

    Cue the sweet moment when Liam and Theo overcame their differences and mutual distrust, resolving to fight together.

  • Terror

    Watching the Anuk-Ite divulge our friends' deepest fears in an effort to gain their power was both heartbreaking and horrifying -- especially when Void Stiles taunted Scott with memories of Allison (RIP).

  • Shock

    Scott literally gauged out his own eyes in order to take down the Anuk-Ite in a bona fide blind battle. We certainly didn't see that one coming (pun unintended). Luckily, Stiles helped (as is his chi) by swooping in and dissolving the evil entity in a cloud of Mountain Ash.

  • Elation

    Witnessing Coach Finstock come out of nowhere to take down that hunter on behalf of Jackson and Ethan? Ahhhhmazing!

  • Compassion

    Theo is a far cry from the hammer-wielding psycho of yore. Let us remind you that Gabe is a bad guy; Theo didn't have to take away his pain, but he did, nevertheless.

  • Joy

    We never thought we'd see the day... Gerard is now (finally) burning somewhere in the fiery pits of hell, thanks to the claws of Kate Argent.

  • Passion

    Malia healed Scott's eyesight with a single smackeroo -- one that is rather reminiscent of that unforgettable Stydia smooch.

  • Acceptance

    Teen Wolf might be over for us, but the war rages on for Scott and his pack, new recruits included. What, you didn't think Scott would just stop being a werewolf, did you? He still has very important alpha things to do like, you know, saving the rest of the supernatural world.

Dry your tears and tell us: How did you feel watching the Teen Wolf series finale? Was it what you expected? Discuss in the comments!