Teen Wolf Vendetta: Why Do The Argents Want To Kill Scott?

Beacon Hills' true alpha has made some pretty serious enemies

Call us crazy, but Gerard might be the unofficial president of the "I Hate Scott McCall" fan club.

Sure, the evil Argent patriarch has always had it out for Teen Wolf's true alpha, but this season, it feels as if his hatred has risen to an entirely new level. After all, the old man isn't just hellbent on wiping out every last supernatural creature who walks the Earth (cue Gramps bellowing, "KILL THEM ALL!") -- his primary focus lies in ridding the world of our favorite red-eyed lycanthrope. So much so, that he's in cahoots with the Anuk-Ite to get 'er done.

Not only that, but Kate Argent is also out for Scott's blood via some "good old-fashioned revenge." She recently told Derek (just after kicking him in the face), "This wolfsbane is going in a bullet — a bullet for Scott McCall." Yeouch.

We can't help but wonder, why are so many people so peeved at our Teen Wolf friend? After all, he's a really stand-up guy.

The only answer we have lies in the late, great werewolf hunteress, Allison Argent. It's no secret that Kate and Gerard have long blamed Scott for her death during Season 3. While Allison technically died at the hands of the Oni, she probably would have been fine had she not gotten mixed up (and fallen in love) with Scott.

But why do you think Scott has found such enemies in the Argent clan (minus Chris, of course)? Comment with your best guesses, and don't miss the series finale Sunday at 8/7c.