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Lady Gaga Says Horseback Riding Has Strengthened Her 'Woman Area'

She also explains her appeal to Middle America

Lady Gaga is looking fierce and underbooby on the newest issue of V magazine, with photography by Heidi Slimane, who shot the cover of 2009's The Fame Monster. The Joanne singer revealed why she wanted to appeal to Middle America on her last album and also talked a bit how horseback riding gave her strength and power through her "woman area" (yes, as in her crotchal region).

There's no doubt that Gaga has come a long way since her The Fame days, stripping back the facade a bit to reveal the woman underneath. And that process has her better connecting with fans, she says.

"I keep seeing this girl. It’s in a dream," Gaga explained her key demographic to V. The girl is "dressed in a Hanes sweatshirt, wearing her mom’s rolled-up jeans. She has three babies, two are running around her. There’s a cigarette in her hand, a glass of Pinot Grigio. She’s got on a lot of jewelry, mostly fake, but she also has on one heirloom piece."

"She thinks, 'How is it possible that Lady Gaga understands how I feel?' That girl — it’s me. She’s the one I’m writing to. With Joanne, I wanted to reach people, I wanted to bring all parts of the country together through this record."

If you've notice a hint of country in Gaga's Joanne, it's not just because she got into the grittier nooks of her brain — it might also have something to do with her new hobby: horseback riding. The singer explains in the interview how her record label gifted her an Arabian mare named Arabella, and how she's gained more power through riding Arabella (and her stallion boyfriend, Trigger).

“My body’s been through a lot over the years. Riding has forced me to be fearless pretty quickly. It’s all about down here,” Gaga said and pointed to her crotch — “in that woman area.”

“Balance, strength, persistence," Gaga said.

Gaga is set to release her "Five Foot" Two documentary on Netflix in September, with even more glimpses into the human behind Mother Monster.

Gaga's V magazine cover hits newsstands on August 31.