Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for BALMAIN

Kim Kardashian West Is Declared 'America's New First Lady'

'Interview' magazine grants KKW the presidential title

Some may think that Melania Trump is this country's First Lady, but the newest issue of Interview begs to differ. The magazine unveiled its latest cover on Monday morning, and it declares none other than Kim Kardashian West as "America's New First Lady." Let the backlash begin!

The cover, shot by Steven Klein, features KKW sitting crossed-legged and presidential, her daughter North at her side. With a stiffly coifed bob, pearls and long, white gloves, Kardashian clearly channels Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis circa 1963 (when she was just Jackie Kennedy). North sits calmly at her side (no doubt mid-fidget) wearing a Peter Pan-collared dress.

Inside, an interview with Kim was conducted by journalist Janet Mock. The Interview website has already crashed.

Coincidentally, or not, Kardashian had just bought Jackie O's gold Cartier watch in June. Fans first started referencing Kim K as the First Lady after the 2015 VMAs, when Kanye West announced his run for the 2020 presidential race. In the November 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan, the mag declared the Kardashians "America's First Family."

There's a few more shots of the photo on Interview's Twitter page, if you want to peep.