Teen Wolf Twist: Who Is The Anuk-Ite's Other Half?

The newest villain in Beacon Hills is pretty two-faced

While Gerard and his growing army of supernatural hunters have been the major focus throughout Teen Wolf's final episodes, there's another villain lurking in the shadows.

Enter the Anuk-Ite — an evil, two-faced entity that elicits extreme fear from even the most courageous. Case in point? Chris Argent nearly peed himself when Melissa introduced him to the bloody, pulpy creature.

Because Teen Wolf is never simple, let's go over what we do know about this deadly creature: It was released from the Wild Hunt, and Halwyn was hell-bent (pun intended) on tracking it down before he died at the hands of Miss Monroe. The spirit is void of any DNA or cell structure and seems to have inhabited Aaron's body via a swarm of black spiders — you know, when it's not roaming around as a bloodied, humanoid lump. Aaron later spewed those same spiders into the creature's mouth before collapsing on the floor of the morgue.

Perhaps the best explanation of the Anuk-Ite (aka Double Face) comes from Dr. Deaton, as explained to Mason and Corey: “It's an ancient shape-shifter, a creature of disharmony. It can turn neighbor against neighbor, sowing the seeds of discord and hate. It doesn’t need fangs. It doesn’t need claws. It uses something far more sinister. When paranoia turns to anger, anger turns to violence, entire communities tear themselves apart. The creature feeds off the fear and grows more powerful.”

The veterinarian by day/supernatural expert by night then went on to describe one face as "beautiful" and the other as "hideous" — two separate creatures who will be "unstoppable" once they are joined.

Which leads us to the spirit's search for its other half. Aaron is on the hunt, going so far as to cut every student at Beacon Hills to see how fast they heal. When he found out that Edgar was a supernatural, he asked if he was anything else, saying, "I'm looking for someone who can do more than just shift. Someone like me."

Innnnnteresting. And then you have Lydia, who is wandering around in a hospital gown following her banshee intuition. Per orders from one dead Halwyn, she is also searching for the Anuk-Ite's other half.

So who is it? Any ideas? Is it someone we know? Give us your best guesses, and catch two all-new episodes this Sunday at 8/7c.