Alpha Male: Will Teen Wolf's Scott Have To Start Fighting Dirty?

Someone has to stop Gerard -- STAT

It's no secret that Scott McCall wouldn't even be a Teen Wolf alpha if he went around committing murder. But that might have to change if he wants any chance of defeating Gerard and his never-ending army.

On tonight's episode of the hit show, not only did Scott's ailing mom demand he fight back, but Deucalion said his only shot at survival is to kill the elderly hunter. Oh, and Peter Hale also offered a sip of his own twisted truth tea.

"You've made it this far without getting your hands dirty, Scott," the former alpha stated. "No one makes it through a war with clean hands. If you won't start killing, you better find someone who will."

Nevertheless, Scott continued to maintain that "you can't kill everyone" and found himself struggling to seek allies for his own supernatural army — allies who don't necessarily rely on slaughtering others to get the job done.

We suppose a clean fight could be possible, especially now that Ethan and Jackson are back in Beacon Hills (and, speaking of those two, how cuuute are they? LOVE!) And Stiles and Derek eventually make a grand return, judging from that epic trailer. But knowing Gerard (aka the kingpin of fighting nasty), defeating the old man won't be easy.

So do you think Scott will have to fight dirty -- and get blood on his hands -- to wipe out Gerard? Comment with your thoughts, and catch two (yes, we said TWO!) more episodes of Teen Wolf Sunday at 8/7c.