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If You Ask For A Photo With Ezra Miller, Be Prepared For Something Magical

We do not deserve someone so pure

Taking selfies with fans is a personal choice. Some celebrities, like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence, have been candid about their decision to not pose for photos with fans in public. For them, it's an opportunity to preserve some semblance of sanity and control in the otherwise crazy bubble that is Hollywood. Others, however, have no issues snapping pics with fans out in the wild.

Ezra Miller, star of Justice League and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, clearly belongs in the latter group.

In fact, here's what happens if you are lucky enough to take a photo with the charismatic Mr. Miller:

With Miller, you don't just get a standard pic — you get a full-fledged photo shoot worthy of a spread in Vogue. Yet another reminder that we do not deserve Ezra Miller. He's far too pure for this cold, hard world.

Protect him and his magician's wardrobe at all costs.