Should Scott And His Teen Wolf Pack Leave Beacon Hills?

Maybe the Alpha should quit while he's still ahead (and alive)

If you found yourself surrounded by a mad-as-hell lynch mob, would you get the heck out of Dodge?

Tonight's Teen Wolf saw Scott and his pack cornered by Miss Monroe and her army of angry commonfolk-turned-werewolf hunters, but what these newbie gunslingers don't know is this: Nobody puts baby Scott McCall in a corner.

While Scott's FBI agent dad negotiated a deal with Monroe -- if the supernaturals GTFO, they can keep their lives (hooray!) -- the Teen Wolf crew members were secretly plotting their own retaliation, going so far as to fake their departure from Beacon Hills.

Said our fearless leader: "My dad has to believe we left Beacon Hills. Everyone has to. What did you think we were gonna do? Run?"

In the words of Mama McCall, this gang hasn't run yet -- but they've also encountered the largest, angriest group of baddies ever. The Dread Doctors, the Oni and an English teacher-turned-Darach have got nothing on a few dozen folks armed with some pretty powerful ammunition. Not only that, but these hunters aren't even remotely into making peace -- they like to fight dirty. They claimed to give the gang until midnight to surrender, but they unfairly attacked long before then, cutting the power, launching a smoke grenade, sneaking in a vial of wolfsbane and cruelly offing Jiang and Tierney when the blue-eyed betas were supposed to be safe.

Scott and his pack are notorious for fighting fair, so should they have left while they were ahead (and still alive)? Or do they stand a chance against Monroe and her minions? Sound off with your thoughts, and keep watching every Sunday at 8/7c.