Gorillaz Hit The Club With Vince Staples In New ‘Strobelite’ Video

It's one big 3-D dance party

Gorillaz have really been in a dancing mood lately.

Last we heard from the quirky virtual band, 2-D was dancing his digital heart out in the surreal “Sleeping Powder” video. For their latest trick, the whole crew’s back together for a late-night disco in the visual for “Strobelite,” a Humanz cut featuring singer Peven Everett.

In the video, Noodles and 2-D bust out some synchronized choreography on a neon-lit dance floor. Russel and Murdoc hang nearby, mingling among the humanz in the crowd, including Everett and Vince Staples. At one point, a sketchy guy slips Murdoc some kind of hallucinogen, which makes the dance floor spin off into another dimension. Or is that still the same room? Watch below and decide for yourself.

Now that you’ve watched, pour one out for poor Russel, will you? He spends most of this video moping away in a booth, but here's hoping his dancing days come soon.