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I Do Not Understand What Is Happening In This Guardians Of The Galaxy Disco Video


Usually, a great movie coming out on DVD isn't the most newsworthy ordeal, but then again, most DVD drops don't come with crazy space discos that involve David Hasselhoff and the Guardians of the Galaxy cast getting their Saturday Night Fever on in metallic jumpsuits that absolutely should've stayed put back in 1976.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is gearing up for its digital release on August 8 (and its out on DVD August 22), so to celebrate, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista (a/k/a Drax), and a ton of actors you won't recognize because they're not painted blue or rocking their scaly skin from the movie decided to make their own disco Inferno for the film's extra features reel.

Here are a series of questions I would like to put forth to director James Gunn and the Guardians gang:

1) Were the actors allowed to come up with their own disco solos?

2) Did "I Got You Babe"-era Cher serve as Zoe's style inspiration?

3) Is Zoe a secret French horn impresario?

4) Where is Vin Diesel?! The dude's character, Groot, is responsible for only the most adorable Jackson 5 dance routine thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy credits!

5) Did Hasselhoff record his vocals in one take?

6) Why is David Hasselhoff, in general?

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7) Do we deserve David Hasselhoff, in general?

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Stan Lee makes an appearance, because of course he does, and Gunn struts his stuff and makes a cameo on the drum kit at one point, too. Pratt — who dances throughout the vid as one rhythmically-programmed robot — removes his mask at the very end, and looks just as bewildered and thrilled as the rest of us watching at home.

Music is as important to the Guardians films as the characters themselves, so kudos to Gunn and the Guardians cast for putting such a creative spin on a silly — and incredible — bonus.