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Dunkirk Is Throwing Down With The Emoji Movie At The Box Office

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UPDATE (7/30/17, 12:50 p.m. E.T.): That was close, but Dunkirk prevailed thanks to its $28.1 million finish this weekend.

Let it be known that Harry Styles and the rest of the Yungkirks may have met their match, and their biggest challenge isn't the merciless assault of the Germany army, but a poop emoji wearing a bow tie.

Dunkirk blew past expectations when it saw its wide release on July 21, and brought in over $50 million for its first weekend in American theaters. Movies always fall back a bit as audiences tend to thin out in the weeks following an opening, so the $27 million Christopher Nolan's latest film was projected to make for its second weekend out is nothing to sneeze at.

The thing is, The Emoji Movie is projected to make $27 million, too, which, hey! This is great news for anyone who thought, "Man, I love that thinking guy emoji so much, I wonder what it would sound like if he were to voice his actual thoughts in an animated feature!" or "Does the eggplant emoji object to its literal sex symbol status?" or "Words are hard let's watch these picture-letters DANCE, y'all" to the point where they wanted to pay dollars to see this in a theater.

No disrespect to The Emoji Movie whatsoever, but yes, folks: Time will tell when the final numbers come in, but this current box office battle is real close, and it's being waged by the Dunkirk dudes and a bunch of faces that have sprouted legs, arms, and a cohesive (and apparently real enjoyable) plot to bring 'em together outside of your text messages.