Ari Perilstein / Steve Granitz

Mahershala Ali Throws Some Perfect Punches In Jay Z's Latest Music Video

He's stepping into the ring like another notable Ali ...

As the music videos accompanying the tracks of 4:44 roll out, Jay-Z's made one thing clear: He's working with the best of the best on the visuals for his latest album, and he's not interested in settling for less.

"Adnis" is no exception given that it features yet another Oscar winner and some absolutely stunning cinematography. Mahershala Ali floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee in "Adnis," in which he's trained by Danny Glover as Hov's ode to his father rolls in the background. This was the teaser that kicked off the anticipation for 4:44's visual album potential, so it feels good to finally press play on the short film.

"Adnis" follows up other seriously commendable music videos, including the one for the title track that features none other than Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.

Jay also released bonus material for the album, which includes two tracks tracks that are now streaming: “ManyFacedGod," his collaboration with James Blake, and bars from his daughter, “Blue’s Freestyle / We Family."