Phil Bourne/Redferns

Lana Del Rey May Just Leak 25 Of Her Own Songs, Dammit

Summertime sadness? More like summertime GLADness

Lana Del Rey is one step ahead of those "fuckers" who are more interested in downloading her music illegally than streaming it and, y'know, actually paying for it when it's eventually ready to make its proper debut.

Now that Lust For Life is out and the perfect soundtrack for our midsummer melancholy, she's already set her sights on her next album — which could very likely be a 25-song collection of her favorite unreleased material.

At Amoeba Records in Los Angeles this week, Lana said that she's toying with the idea of putting out a number of "little folk singles," along with a "record of 25 of my favorite leaked songs."

Based on the volume that erupted from the crowd that had gathered for her in-store performance, it's safe to assume that any material of Lana's will go over really, really well with fans who've gobbled up Lust For Life already.