Yero Brown

Jaden Smith's New Video Trades His Batman Suit For A NSFW Jacket

'Watch Me' involves a lot of leather

Jaden Smith always pushes the envelope with his music videos. In his "Batman" clip, for example, he dons a white Batman suit and struts down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For "Fallen," he vomited profusely in front of a sunset. His latest set of visuals for "Watch Me," his third single, are equally riveting.

"Watch Me" puts Smith in the middle of a desert, where his only company is the 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible he's driving. This means he can truly ~dance like no one's watching~ and boy, does he take full advantage of it. Even if someone did come his way, the message emblazoned on his Ja'Caius leather jacket would probably scare them off.

See for yourself:

"Fuck off" isn't exactly a welcoming message, you know? There's only room for one rapper in this technicolor desert.