Teen Wolf Crush: Is Scott Falling For Malia?

'Scalia' has a nice ring to it

New Teen Wolf couple alert! (Maybe?)

Okay, we all saw that shower scene between Scott and Malia in the Season 6 trailer (yowza), but we swear the two shared a special moment during this week's episode.

While the supernaturals were busy hunting down the silver bullet that killed Halwyn, Malia expressed worry over Scott's mini-freak-out the night before in front of Sheriff Stilinski. The oft-stoic werecoyote then made a concentrated effort to relate to her friend's scary situation — an endearing move, mind you, considering that human feelings aren't exactly Malia's strong point.

"I was hunted by my dad," Malia stated.

"I was hunted by my girlfriend's dad," Scott cleverly responded. Then they gazed at one another in such a way that we found ourselves shouting, "KISS! KISS!" at the television screen. (Er... just us?)

Either way, naked shower scenes don't lie, so these two are certainly headed for something. After dating Allison (RIP) and then Kira, Scott spent the majority of Season 6 as a lone wolf, while Malia and Stiles — who was once her anchor — continued to drift apart. Stydia inevitably became a thing (finally... yesIshipStydiaIadmitit), so where does that leave Scott and Malia? You gotta admit, Scalia does have a nice ring to it.

What do you think of this potential love connection? Comment with your Scalia thoughts, and find out if their relationship unfolds further on Sunday at 8/7c!