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Ross Lynch Is Utterly Chilling In The First My Friend Dahmer Trailer

To call his performance 'intense' would be a gross understatement

There's nothing remotely friendly about the first glimpses we have of Ross Lynch as a teenaged Jeffrey Dahmer, but one thing's for sure: The trailer for My Friend Dahmer succeeds in striking a truly disturbing chord, and Lynch's portrayal of the young man who would soon become a serial killer is entirely responsible for that.

Dahmer's name is associated with nightmarish atrocities — rape, murder, and cannibalism — and he killed 17 people before he was arrested and jailed in 1991. My Friend Dahmer is based on a 2012 graphic novel by John "Derf" Backderf of the same name, and it speaks to Derf's experience with Dahmer, who he grew up with and attended class with at Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio. (Alex Wolff portrays the author in the film.)

My Friend Dahmer paints a portrait of the murderer before the murders, and as such, it sets an incredibly dark scene.

In the clip, the tension is palpable as we see a droopy-eyed Lynch amble through his daily routine, one that involves shouting, concerned parents, cruel bullies, and a visit to the doctor's office that lets us know that something is extremely off about this kid with an unusual interest in bones and "what's inside" the human body.

My Friend Dahmer doesn't have a release date just yet, but it's sure to shock plenty — especially fans of Lynch's, given the intensity of his performance and the weight of the subject matter.