Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 2 Is Officially Happening


Wonder Woman continues to fill seats in movie theaters across the country, but get ready, Amazons: Diana is sharpening her sword and getting that lasso ready, because Wonder Woman 2 is just one of the many (!) films Warner Brothers has listed off on its production schedule today (July 21) at San Diego Comic-Con.

In addition to dropping the latest Justice League trailer (pictured above) that features a whole lot of bad-assery from Wonder Woman and nixing the idea of anyone else but Ben Affleck playing Batman (for now), Justice League chatter turned towards the future and additional movies featuring the fighters of DC's comic universe.

A sequel for Suicide Squad is also on the way, in addition to The Batman, Aquaman, The Flash: Flaspoint, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, and Green Lantern Corps, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Let's break down that tally: Of those eight films, we've got sequels for Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and one of a seemingly sinister stripe for Justice League; three of the Justice League dudes are getting their stand-alone films, we'll meet a new Batgirl, and hey — maybe this means that will be hopping back into DC mode from his turn as Marvel's Deadpool to suit up as the Green Lantern for Green Lantern Corps.

Looks like we've got plenty to look forward to in the meantime, so get ready for Justice League, first, which hits theaters November 21.