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Channing Tatum Holds Out Hope For Gambit At Comic-Con

How 'Logan' and 'Deadpool' have paved the way for Tatum's long-delayed 'Gambit'

It seems like years ago that Channing Tatum was flinging cards around in 2014 and triumphantly entering the San Diego Comic-Con stage in 2015 for his official debut as leading man of X-Men spin-off Gambit.

Oh, wait. That's because it was years ago.

Gambit has been in limbo, facing delay after roadblock after hurdle, since that announcement in 2015, but back at Comic-Con two years later, Tatum is still feeling confident that he'll get his chance to let those cards fly as the Ragin' Cajun on the big screen.

"I think it was the luckiest thing in the world that we had some bumps in the road and I think the bumps in the road came at the time that there was a paradigm shift in these movies," Tatum told MTV News' Josh Horowitz at a press event for Kingsman: The Golden Circle Thursday (July 20). "We got to witness and learn from two really beautiful change in guard from movies, Logan and Deadpool. It did break some ground for us and now we have to figure out what our version of that is and not just try to go and do whatever that is."

The screenplay is still in the works, with Tatum involved to capture the specific tone and style of the mutant, hence the comparisons to Logan and Deadpool, both painstakingly crafted character studies that stand apart stylistically from more typical superhero genre movies. The shuffles in production staff and repeated delays in release (after the spectacular summer 2015 announcement, the movie was rumored to be filming in Fall 2015) haven't helped either.

All in all, Tatum doesn't seem discouraged.

"It's fun, it's good, it's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube that's always moving," he said. "These things, they're hard, they're tough."