When Did Briana First Consider A Teen Mom 2 Adoption?

The young mother revealed to MTV News the moment she began pondering her second daughter's future

Briana may have seemed optimistic about her future with her beau Luis, but the two -- who are expecting a child and planned to move in together with her daughter Nova -- suffered a big relationship setback during this week's Teen Mom 2 episode.

The details: Nova's mother discovered that Luis had been unfaithful while she was pregnant. While Luis didn't outright come clean to Briana (the young mother heard about his infidelity through the grapevine and later confirmed it with the girl who was with Luis), he eventually admitted in person that he "f**ked up" and later apologized for betraying her. But for Briana, the damage was unfortunately done.

"I can't be with you," Briana definitively told Luis. "I've been through so much, and this is not it. I don't want to feel obligated to do anything because of this baby."

However, Briana was thinking about their lives after the birth of their little girl -- and instead of co-parenting (which she expressed she did not want to do), she proposed adoption. But Luis wasn't receptive to her idea and immediately shut it down.

"I will never give my daughter up for adoption -- I don't know how you are even thinking about that," he said, adding that he wasn't even going to consider it and his mind was made up.

Luis' opinion aside for the moment, when did Briana first consider adoption for her unborn little girl?

"The moment I found out that he cheated on me, I knew I was going to end up doing this by myself, and I needed to explore my options," the Florida native recently told MTV News (before Stella Star was born). "I knew abortion was too late -- what other options do I have? As soon as I found out he had cheated on me, it was in the back of my mind," she explained about adoption, while adding that she knew "nothing at all" about the process of outlining this type of plan.

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