Challenge Rookie Tori Compares The Cutthroat Game To Are You The One? And Second Chances

The Season 30 rookie sounds off on the three MTV programs

Challenge rookies have the added pressure of performing well right out of the gate -- but newbie Tori didn't let the unknown rattle her. Instead, the Are You the One? Season 4 cast member -- who also recently nabbed a second-place finish on the dating series spinoff Second Chances -- got off to a blazing start and was a Women's Top 4 finisher (with veterans Aneesa and Camila, as well as Underdog Kailah) at the inaugural mission in Colombia.

But that's not all: Tori was the sole newcomer to covet an elite eight spot (Bananas, Hunter, Jordan and Derrick K, in that order, were tops on the men's side). While the game is still young (even though six guys and gals have already been axed), how would Tori compare the long-running game series to her previous MTV programs?

Rene Cervantes

"It's a whole different ballgame," Tori revealed to MTV News. "Are You the One? was a really cool introduction, but we're in a house partying and just looking for love. It's not that hard. Second Chances had the element of going home added in. Now, comparing Second Chances to The Challenge: It's JV and Varsity. The Challenge is f**king insane," she explained, while adding that competing with her PM Morgan in Australia helped her immensely before taking her talents to the South America battlefield.

How do you think Tori will fare as the cutthroat battle continues? Share your thoughts on her odds in the comments, and be sure to keep watching The Challenge XXX every Tuesday at 9/8c!