Nick Cannon Describes His Most Uncomfortable Wild 'N Out Moment

Hint: Chrissy Teigen was involved

Nick Cannon has experienced it all on Wild 'N Out because that's what happens when you serve as the master of ceremonies. But even the host has felt, well, a wee bit distressed in the middle of the hysterical sketch comedy madness. So what incident takes the championship belt top honor?

"One of the most uncomfortable moments is still one of the greatest moments in Wild 'N Out history: when Karlous Miller picked up Chrissy Teigen," Nick reveals in the sneak peek above from the upcoming “100 Things About ‘Wild 'N Out’” special (beginning on Thursday at 2:30pm). We'll let the video take you down memory lane to exactly what Karlous said during the 2014 installment.

But what does Karlous have to say about the Chrissy encounter now? And what was Nick thinking as this sitch was going down? View the clip to find out, and be sure to catch the entire Wild 'N Out gang dish all sorts of goodies beginning at 2:30pm on Thursday — then catch the season premiere of Wild 'N Out at 11/10c!