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Watch Lil Yachty Try And Fail To Rank Drake’s Albums

Too stressful a task, tbh

Along with The Simpsons, teens, and Chinese rap, Lil Yachty’s areas of interest also include Drake’s discography. During a recent interview with “Montreality,” Yachty was asked about the Toronto MC, and quickly offered up his praise.

“Drake gave me one of the biggest shout-outs of all time,” he said, referencing Drizzy’s verse on Gucci Mane’s “Both.” He continued, “I met Drake in England or in the U.K. somewhere … Drake’s fucking dope. I really respect Drake.”

The Teenage Emotions MC then attempted several times to rank his favorite Drake projects in order, but struggled pretty intensely. His undisputed top choice was Take Care, but beyond that, there were apparently too many options for him to settle on a final list. But hey, at least it’s entertaining to see him try.