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The Bellas Go Global In The Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer

Grab those passports, pitches

The trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 is here, and it's got everything: International intrigue, wild animals, cute outfits, and... fat Amy Winehouse? Basically, this clip checks all the boxes for what's sure to be the zaniest addition to the aca-mazing franchise yet, and it all starts with getting the band back together for a jaunt that has the Bellas crossing multiple borders in the name of redemption.

After graduation, the Bellas find themselves in a bunch of not-so-great situations, in the sense that none of them are really doing what they set out to do after earning their diplomas: Over a sobby round of commiserating drinks, they come up with a plan to score a spot on the lineup of a USO concert benefiting the troops abroad.

They grab their passports and pack their bags — and they realize that the competition is a bit stiffer in the real world once they go up against a band that basically calls their a cappella action “karaoke.”

DJ Khaled didn't make a cameo in the trailer (even though we'll definitely see him at some point in the flick), but it's safe to say that the Bellas have made Another One that'll have you singing — and cringing — from start to finish.

Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters on December 22.