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Fall Out Boy’s New Song Is For ‘Champions’ And NeverEnding Story Fans

This one’s destined to be a stadium smash

After surprising (and confusing?) fans with the EDM-infused, Britney Spears–referencing “Young and Menace” back in April, Fall Out Boy are back in familiar form on “Champion.”

The motivational anthem already sounds like a stadium hit, with its crashing drums and defiant declarations of being “a champion of the people who don’t believe in champions.” Patrick Stump shouts on the chorus, “If I can live through this / I can do anything,” and it’s the most convincing thing he’s said since telling us we’ll remember him for centuries.

Earlier this month, Pete Wentz teased “Champion” on Instagram, describing how it reminds him of the plot of the movie The NeverEnding Story.

“It always stuck out to me as a kid — first they're like ‘wait you're just a kid lol we need a warrior’ then they're like ‘OK you'll do I guess you'll do’ and then ‘no one can help you and if you don't do this our entire world dies, so no pressure’... No one believes but at the same time we all need to believe in you. This one is for the kid warriors out there hunting the purple buffalo,” he wrote.

“Champion” is the first official single from Fall Out Boy’s upcoming seventh album, Mania, due out September 15.