C Flanigan/Getty Images

Lana Del Rey Spent Her Birthday Blissing Out At A Rock Show

Also: She’s a Pink Floyd fan

Most people get some cake and call it a day when they complete another trip around the sun, but Lana Del Rey was in her element on her birthday — and she was the picture of pure happiness, too.

Lana, who turned 32 on June 21, opted to spend her special night in a familiar setting and take in a rock show. She celebrated by hitting up the Roger Waters concert in Los Angeles, and when confetti rained down towards the end of the set, she was basking in it as if the surreal shower was a present just for her.

Should we all be so lucky as to be surprised with an obscene amount of confetti and the sweet, sweet sounds of Pink Floyd ringing in our ears on our next birthday.

HBD, LDR! Casual reminder: Her next album, Lust for Life, is dropping exactly a month after her birthday, on July 21. So nice of her to give us a belated present instead of the other way around.